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The “Cukic & Markov” Law Company was founded on 31.03.2006 in Skopje, Macedonia by the partners-advocates Serjoza Markov and Lazar Cukic who are also the managers of the law company.
Before they started working together, the both advocates had worked individually in separate offices. Serjoza Markov graduated at the Faculty of Law at the University “St. Kiril & Metodi” in Skopje and specialized Insurance Law and Aviation Law in two solicitor companies: ”Eversheeds” and ”Constant & Constant” in London.
Serjoza’s father was Ilija Markov , born 1939. He opened his law office in 1967 which was active till the and of his life 1993. The office was re-opened in 1997 by his son, the lawyer Serjoza Markov .
On 10.01.2013 Serjoza Markov was elected for Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of Macedonia.
Lazar Cukic graduated at the Faculty of Law at the University “St. Kiril & Metodi” in Skopje. He was a member of the Macedonian stock exchange Arbitration and legal adviser in Macedonia Brokers Association.
Lazar’s Cukic father is Ivan Cukic who was born in 1938. He started his law career in 1963 as Public prosecutor. In 1995 he opened a law office where he worked together with his son Lazar Cukic till 2003 when he retired. After his retirement his son continued to work in that office.
Our team is consisted of lawyers who are experts in various areas of Commercial Law. We have constant cooperation with a lot of associates and support from well known advisers on special issues. All our employees are fluent in English and some of them are good inGerman, Italian and Spanish.